Making your security visitor registration book worth more than the paper its written on

At The Gate allows easy control at access points of corporate companies, businesses,
hospitals, hotels and residential complexes. It’s simple. When a guest, an employee or
a delivery arrives at your gate. Our Turnkey access control solution allows for convenient and safe tracking of who
is entering and exiting your premises, by simply scanning information on the android
device. It literally shows you the ins and outs.

How does it work?

The Ins

1. Simply scan the license disc
on the car upon arrival

2. Scan the visitors drivers license

Optional extra may incur additional charges

3. An email will automatically be sent to the
person who is expecting the visitor

The Outs

1. Scan the license disc again
when the vehicle exits

2. All data is captured and stored
in an easy to use back-end

This solution is POPI certified, allowing you to legally store this information according to the
Protection Of Personal Information Bill.

The solution can also work on
multiple devices, allowing
more than one entry
point to use the solution at the
same time.

Arrivals and Departures

Keep Track

The At The Gate Android solution is excellent
for security, deliveries or services and time
clocking for employees. The data collected
is easily filtered and simple to search for
in our user-friendly back-end. It has the
functionality of downloading, printing and
emailing data which is conveniently tallied
into an easy-to-read spreadsheet, allowing
you to keep track.


See who is IN and who
is OUT Categorised into
staff, fleet, visitors etc.
Share a hyperlink so the
whole company can check
if people or vehicles are
on site

Its Simple

Simple for Security Guards

Fast entrance and exit process
visitor upon their arrival
Modern, more reliable way to control access
Replaces notebook and ticket process
Tracks the driver’s details for security purposes

Simple for Managers

Know who visits your premises
Eliminate illegible or incorrect data
Easily comply with privacy and regulatory act (POPI)
Keep track of employees check-in and check-out times
Simply read the captured data from the data records

Simple for Set Up

Cloud based
Integrates with Google apps
Single sign in to Google apps
Durable device supplied
No on-premise hardware or software to install

Get specifically selected rugged Android device as well as a sim card
and data bundle included in the monthly subscription.
2 Gigs per month (Which should cover over 25 000 records)

In a Nutshell

Easy to

The solution can be customised to your company’s needs. Want to also take a photo of the visitor? You can customise our turnkey solution to do just that.

of license

Simply scan the visitor’s license disc and drivers licence to obtain their information.


Contact us for help on 011 086 2902, we have a dedicated support team.

It’s all in the

Your data is hosted on Google’s servers, and protected by Google’s server security, while the back-end is accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Single sign
in to Google

No additional passwords or users required. Just use your google account.


Get the latest app version as soon as it is available. When an update is available, simply click on it to upgrade, and receive new features and updates.

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